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The Public Health Division

  • Is the official governmental health agency for San Benito County
  • Was established in the 1940s at the same location it now occupies
  • Was combined with Social Services in 1992 to become the San
  • Benito County Health and Human Services Agency
  • Implements Local, State and Federal goals and mandates for health improvements
  • Provides services and enforces regulations set forth in the California Health & Safety Code
  • Fulfills the Core Public Health Functions through the performance of the Essential Public Health Services.

What is Public Health all about?

  • Preventing Illness and Injury
  • Promoting Good Health Practices
  • Keeping the environment clean, healthy and safe
  • Reducing disparity in health access and outcomes
  • Serves the entire community
  • Does not provide primary health care to individuals

Tackling Social Problems Specific To This Community
The government’s role in protecting each and everyone’s health goes back over 200 years in this country. Today, San Benito County Public Health carries on the tradition. Here are some examples:

  • Tobacco-free environments for infants and children
  • Helped establish a “No smoking” ordinance for playgrounds and tot�lots
  • Helmet ordinance on city streets – helped develop and pass this ordinance in 2002
  • This requires the use of a helmet for any wheeled conveyance-skateboards, wheelies, scooters, bikes and trikes.
  • Early identification and intervention to help mothers and the unborn child
  • Slides in movie theaters
  • Billboards, radio messages, fliers and interviews, Health andSafety fairs
    Face to face
  • Special community events
  • Workshops and professional education
  • Public Health Week

Partnering With Physicians And Their Patients

  • Care Coordination
  • Grand Rounds at Hazel Hawkins Hospital
  • Health Alerts

Assessment And Reporting

  • Community Health Status
  • Communicable Disease
  • Vital Statistics
  • Topical Surveys

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