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Syringe Disposal Home Use

syringesDiscarding used needles and syringes at home Medical Waste Management Regulations prohibit medical facilities from accepting medical waste including used syringes generated outside their facilities.

Current Recommendations for Home Generated Medical Waste


  1. The best containers are Sharps containers and can be purchased at some local pharmacies for $2.00 - $6.00 OR
  2. A puncture proof, closed, non-breakable, labeled container with a threaded (screw-on lid) may be substituted.

Separate From Other Trash:

  • Keep your sharps container on top of your other household trash and garbage and clearly visible.

Notify Your Waste Handler:

  1. Whether you have home garbage pick-up service or you take your
    garbage to the dump, let the garbage man know that you have a
    container with used needles and syringes by clearly labeling the
    container. This allows the garbage handler to separate the container
    from other trash and to protect themselves from accidental injury.

Check with your local pharmacy for sharps containers.

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