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Become a Volunteer for Disaster
Join our Volunteers for Disaster Response Team!

Join San Benito County in an event of a Disaster by becoming a member of our Medical or Non-Medical Volunteer Response Team. Your skills, at the right time, will make all the difference.

What is Volunteers for Disaster Response?
Volunteers for Disaster Response (VDR)is a network of medical or non-medical professionals organized by the San Benito County Public Health Department. VDR pre-registers medical or non-medical professionals to hlep deliver volunteer resources to the right place at the right time during a public health disaster.

What do Volunteers do?
VDR volunteers support and assist the Public Health Departmetn in providing mass vaccinations, mass casualty care and other critical public health services during a declared disaster or public health emergency. Volunteers may be dispatched to a variety of sites, including emergency public health sites, shelters, clinics, and hospitals.

What Skills are Needed?
Medical Professionals in a wide variety of fields licensed to practice in teh State of California are eligivle. The list includes Nurses, Physicians, Physician Assistants, Dentists, Optometrists, Veterinarians, Emergency Medical Technicans and other.
Non-Medical Volunteers are also needed to assist us in the event of a public health disaster.

What About Liability?
State and federal laws offer civil liability protection to medical volunteers provided that volunteers are:

  • Properly licensed or certified
  • Act within the scope of thier responsibilities
  • Refrain from certain conduct including gross negligence and willful or criminal misconduct
    (Federal Volunteer Protection Act of 1997, the California Emergency Services Act and California Good Smaritan Laws)

Contact Us
Contact Efren Gomez at (831) 637-5367 or Samela Perez at (831) 636-4011for more information.

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