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Barr Immunization Registry

BARR logoSan Benito County Public Health Services is now part of the Bay Area Regional Immunization Registry (BARR). All of our immunization records are now computerized and accessible via the web by your physician and/or school.

Benefits of the Registry are:

     ▪  Provide an accurate immunization history for every child.
     ▪  Consolidate vaccinations from all providers into one record.
     ▪  Provide reminders when vaccinations are due or overdue.
     ▪  Provide current vaccine recommendations.
     ▪  Complete required school, camp and day care immunization records.
     ▪  Help prevent disease outbreaks.

Bay Area Regional Immunization Registry (BARR)
Help Desk 1-800-578-7899

SBC Public Health Services 1-831-637-5367

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