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Maximum and Current Morbidity for Vaccine Preventable Diseases
Vaccination Minimum Intervals

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
formCertain events following vaccination are reportable by law, please refer to the table below for those events and time intervals which are indicated for mandated reporting.

VAERS offers a 24-hour tool-free information line at 800-822-7967. The toll-free fax is 1-877-721-0366.

The importance of VAERS reporting was demonstrated in 1999 by its detection of a higher than expected number of intussuseption cases among infants receiving rotavirus vaccine. A subsequent national study documented an increased risk for this condition following rotavirus vaccination, and the vaccine is no longer being administered. Without VAERS, this association might not have identified.

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Vaccine Injury Table

Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) Forms
Printing Masters for Private Physicians

The Immunization Branch provides masters on plain white paper of all Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) for routine childhood and adult vaccines. Masters of the VIS in English and Spanish are distributed to health departments each fall. Physicians may order printing masters in all other languages online or by calling 1-800-PIK-VIPS (745-8477)

Please contact us if you have additional questions by contacting the San Benito County Public Health Division at (831) 637-5367 or email.

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