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Tobacco Education and Prevention Program

We are funded by Proposition 99, a state tax on tobacco products. Staff collaborates with community agencies, youth, service and health organizations, city officials, and schools throughout the county to offer tobacco-related information, develop local policies and enforce laws.

Community Education
tobaccoCessation Services: A referral to community members to smoking cessation programs geared to individual’s needs.

Anti-Smoking media messages: billboards, posters, public service announcement on
radio and television, and theater slides.

School/Community presentations by request
of teacher/community members on:
     ▪  Short term and long term health
         consequences of tobacco use
     ▪  Advertising of tobacco products
     ▪  Effects of second-hand smoke
     ▪  Effects of chewing tobacco and
     ▪  Many more topics addressing tobacco.

Legislation and Policies
Smoke-Free Bars and Bar-Restaurants: Information to bar and restaurant owners, employees and patrons, as well as enforcement of no smoking laws and compliance monitoring.

Tobacco Retailer Licensing developing county ordinance. The license will help curtail tobacco sales to minors. Our staff works with county and city officials. Staff is working with county and city officials to develop a tobacco retail license for all tobacco merchants.

20’ Law for Public Buildings: Information to all public buildings (a building occupied and owned or leased by the state, a county, a city, or a California Community College district) regarding Assembly Bill 846 (no smoking within 20’ of a door and/or operable window).

Smoke-Free Housing: Staff is working with apartment owners, managers and staff to develop a policy that would allocate up to 25% of units in two low-income housing complexes to be smoke-free.

Pamphlets, videos, anti-tobacco incentives, “no smoking” signs, and a variety of other educational materials on all facets of tobacco use are available FREE, in both English and Spanish.

The San Benito County Tobacco Education Coalition, formed in 1990, is made up of community agencies and community members committed to reducing tobacco use in San Benito County. The coalition is open to anyone interested in issues relating to tobacco in San Benito County.

For more information, office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, located at 1111 San Felipe Road, Suite 102, Hollister, or you may call us at 831-636-4011 or email us.

Resource Websites
American Cancer Society
American Lung Association
CDC’s Office on Smoking & Health

For Youth
Tobacco Free Kids

California Smokers’ Helpline
Nicotine Anonymous

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