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Regardless of your age and health status, you are all likely to want information and advice on general health. The articles in this blog will help answer your questions.


As they say: “Prevention is better than cure!”. In fact, if you are attentive to your health and monitor your condition, you will be able to prevent many diseases.

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Even if today we can cure breast cancer, it still needs to be caught in time. If it is not, you may have to go through many steps and not get out of it.

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In this time of health crisis, we don’t necessarily know when to go to the doctor. We are afraid to go for nothing because they are already busy with people thinking they have VIDOC-19. In fact, if you try to call your attending physician right now, he may not even be able to see you in an emergency because there is no more room in his schedule. This is quite unfortunate because we cannot predict that we will get sick.

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